Get Certified!

Earn a national certification in 5 simple steps!

Steps to Certification 1) Select a Field of Study on our home page 2) Purchase one or more $10 modules 3) Check your email for login instructions 4) Complete the modules and practice the skills 5) Purchase and pass a certification exam. Exams can be taken at any Career Campus lab or at any of the 1000+ testing centers available worldwide.
FAQs: Question: Are these courses written for kids? Answer: Nope! They're for adults who are tired of boring ecourses. Question: Is the certification exam included? Answer: Nope! The exams are purchased at a testing center near you. Question: Are they industry-recognized certifications? Answer: Yep! We prep you to earn real certifications, and you can earn them in any state. Question: Do any of your modules cost more than $10? Answer: Nope! But older modules are cheaper and some modules are absolutely free! Question: How can you afford to sell courses this cheaply? Answer: Because we're Goodwill and this is what all of your donations pay for!

Fields of Study

Select a Field of Study below to review and purchase courses in that field!

Adobe Software
Computing Basics
Financial Literacy
Food Service
Communication Skills
Microsoft Office

Sample Course

Here's a FREE tutorial that teaches you how to use a mouse and keyboard to navigate a computer!

Windows Navigation Skills Link
ten dollars per module image

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