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Credentials in Digital Tech and Digital Media are highly desired by employers. Both fields pay very well and offer lots of remote work opportunities.

If you’re interested in programming, then we suggest you start with the Intro to HTML & CSS course in Career Campus.

We also offer scholarships for six digital tech and digital media courses created by Google. Learn to be a Web Designer, a Help Desk Professional, a Data Analyst, a Project Manager, a Digital Marketing Professional, or a Cyber Security Specialist!

To read more about our Google courses and to request a scholarship, just click the course you’re interested in.

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Course Information


Google Digital Tech & Digital Media Courses
  • Google Data Analytics
  • Google Project Management
  • Google IT Support
  • Google UX Design
  • Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce
  • Google Cybersecurity


Google Certificates

Once you complete a Google course, you will receive a certificate from Google and access to an Employer Consortium.


Intro to HTML & CSS Module 1
  • Lesson 1: Getting Started with HTML
  • Lesson 2: Doing More with HTML
  • Lesson 3: Getting Started with CSS
  • Lesson 4: Styling Text with CSS
  • Lesson 5: Styling Techniques
Intro to HTML & CSS Module 2
  • Lesson 1: Performance & Organization
  • Lesson 2: Positioning Content
  • Lesson 3: Complex Selectors
  • Lesson 4: Responsive Web Design
  • Lesson 5: Writing Your Best Code
Google IT Support Professional
  • Technical Support Fundamentals
  • The Bits & Bytes of Computer Networking
  • Operating Systems & You: Becoming a Power User
  • System Administration & IT Infrastructure Services
Google Cybersecurity Professional
Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce
Google Data Analytics
Google UX Design
Google Project Management

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