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If you want to start working in food service in a restaurant or healthcare facility, or if you already work in food service and want to up your game, this course is for you.

The Restaurant Guest Service course was created by our own food services expert to prepare students for a nationally recognized Restaurant Server certification and Food Handlers Certification from the National Restaurant Association (NRA)

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Restaurant Food Handler
  • Restaurant Guest Service (Module 1)
  • NRA SafeStaff or ServSafe Foodhandler Permit
Restaurant Guest Service
  • Restaurant Guest Service (Module 1)
  • Restaurant Guest Service (Module 2)
  • Restaurant Guest Service (Module 3)
  • NRA Restaurant Server Certification


Restaurant Food Handler

Once you complete Restaurant Guest Service Module 1, you will be ready to earn your food handler certification from the National Restaurant Association. You can take the exam at one of our labs in the Florida Panhandle or through any restaurant manager nationwide. If neither of these options is available, you can purchase the exam online at the ServSafe website. The online exam includes additional study material you can review if desired.

Click the link below to purchase the online Food Handler exam.

ServSafe Food Handler Exam

Restaurant Guest Service

Once you complete all three modules of the Restaurant Guest Service Course, you will be ready to earn a Restaurant Server certification from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), which provides the exam in partnership with the National Restaurant Association (NRA). You can take the exam at any of our labs or you can purchase the exam online from AHLEI. The online exam includes additional study materials you can review if desired.

Click the link below to purchase the online Certified Restaurant Server exam.

AHLEI Certified Restaurant Server Exam


Restaurant: Guest Service – Module 1
  • Lesson 1: Food Contaminants
  • Lesson 2: Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Lesson 3: HACCP
  • Lesson 4: Food Flow
  • Lesson 5: Time & Temperature Control
Restaurant: Guest Service – Module 2
  • Lesson 1: It Starts with You
  • Lesson 2: Things to Know
  • Lesson 3: Above & Beyond
  • Lesson 4: Guests with Disabilities
  • Lesson 5: Under the Influence
Restaurant: Guest Service – Module 3
  • Lesson 1: The Team Matters
  • Lesson 2: Professional Table Service
  • Lesson 3: Restaurant Salesmanship
  • Lesson 4: Restaurant Language
  • Lesson 5: Wine & Alcohol

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