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If you want to break into the field of hospitality, or if you already work in hospitality and want to up your game, this course is for you.

The Lodging Guest Service course was created by our own resident hospitality expert to prepare students for a nationally recognized certification from the American Hotel and Lodging Education Institute (AHLEI) as a Certified Front Desk Representative.

Scroll down to read more about certification fees and requirements.

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Course Information


Lodging Front Desk Representative
  • Lodging Guest Service – Module 01
  • Lodging Guest Service – Module 02
  • Lodging Guest Service – Module 03
  • Lodging Guest Service – Module 04
  • AHLEI Front Desk Representative Certification


Certified Front Desk Representative

Once you complete the Lodging Front Desk course, you will be ready to earn a Front Desk Representative certification from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). Certification fees are paid directly to AHLEI.

You can take the exam at any of our labs in the Florida Panhandle or you can purchase the exam online from AHLEI. The online exam includes additional study material you can review if needed.

Click the link below to purchase the online Certified Front Desk Representative exam.

AHLEI Certified Front Desk Representative Exam


Lodging Guest Service – Module 01
  • Lesson 01: General Policies
  • Lesson 02: Personal Appearance
  • Lesson 03: Attitude
  • Lesson 04: Personality Styles
Lodging Guest Service – Module 02
  • Lesson 01: Employee Safety
  • Lesson 02: Guest Safety
  • Lesson 03: Emergencies
  • Lesson 04: ADA Awareness
Lodging Guest Service – Module 03
  • Lesson 01: Quality Guest Service
  • Lesson 02: Front Desk Representative Duties
  • Lesson 03: Professional Phone Skills
  • Lesson 04: Reservations
Lodging Guest Service – Module 04
  • Lesson 01: Pre-Arrival
  • Lesson 02: Check-In
  • Lesson 03: Occupancy
  • Lesson 04: Departure

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