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Path Overview

Do you want to work in the Graphic Arts field? Or learn how to create a video to promote your business? Or just learn how to make your photos look more professional?

If so, then the Adobe Creative Cloud Career Path may be for you! We can get you ready for the nationally recognized Adobe Certified Associate certification in Adobe Premiere or Photoshop, then you can purchase and schedule a certification exam at one of our labs or at the Certiport test site nearest you.

Scroll down to read more about certification fees and requirements.

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Course Information


Adobe Premiere CC
  • Intro to Copyright Law
  • Intro to Video Production
  • Premiere CC: Module 1
  • Premiere CC: Module 2
  • Premiere CC: Module 3
  • Certification: Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)


Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

Adobe programs are fairly complex. We will teach you every skill you need to pass the certification exam, but you won’t be ready to take the exam until you have spent a considerable amount of time practicing those skills in Adobe Creative Cloud. You can access a free trial of each Adobe program by visiting the link below.


We strongly suggest you purchase a companion book from the Learn Adobe Series or the Adobe Classroom in a Book Series through an online book seller so that you have a second resource to practice the skills covered in this course.

Once you feel you are proficient using the software, you will be ready to earn an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification at one of our labs or another Certiport testing center. You can find the testing center nearest you and purchase practice exams and exam vouchers on the Certiport website. Exam fees are paid directly to Certiport. Click the link below to explore the site.



Intro to Copyright Law – Module 1
  • Lesson 1: Getting Started
  • Lesson 2: Using Print Forms
  • Lesson 3: Using eCO
  • Lesson 4: Copyright Preregistration
Intro to Graphic Design – Module 1
  • Lesson 1: The Measurements of Design
  • Lesson 2: The Elements of Design
  • Lesson 3: Typography
  • Lesson 4: The Principles of Design
  • Lesson 5: Project Management
Intro to Video Production – Module 1
  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Preproduction
  • Lesson 3: Production Equipment
  • Lesson 4: Shooting Tips

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