Healthcare Career Path

Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants are in high demand.

Home Health Aides are sent to the homes of patients who need help with daily living skills and medical needs. Nursing Assistants work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, day care centers, nursing homes, and many other facilities.

HHAs and CNAs can work with any age (birth to hospice) and any level of ability or disability. There is a great need for both HHAs and CNAs throughout the country, which leads to great job security.

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  • * Recommended but not required
  • [C] also available as a class
  • Online Course
  • Onsite Class
  • Certification (fees paid by student)

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Computer Foundation*
  • Windows Navigation (FREE) [C]
  • Keyboarding Skills (20 WPM)
  • Computer Fundamentals (FREE) [C]
  • Internet Fundamentals (FREE) [C]
  • Northstar Computer Basics Certification
  • Northstar Internet Basics Certification
Interpersonal Skills Courses
  • Self Esteem and Assertiveness
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Active Listening
  • Communication Strategies
  • Disability Awareness
  • Conflict Resolution


CNA Courses
  • Module 1: Caregiving I
  • Module 2: Caregiving II
  • Module 3: Providing Care I
  • Module 4: Providing Care II
  • Module 5: Special Care
  • Module 6: Clinical Skills


First Aid/CPR/AED
  • CPR/AED/First Aid & Practicum
  • Red Cross CPR/AED/1st Aid Certification
CNA Classes & Courses
  • Module 1: Caregiving I
  • Caregiving I (3 Classes)
  • Module 2: Caregiving II
  • Caregiving II (3 Classes)
  • Module 3: Providing Care I
  • Providing Care I (3 Classes)
  • Module 4: Providing Care II
  • Providing Care II (3 Classes)
  • Module 5: Special Care
  • Special Care (3 Classes)
CNA Clinical Skills
  • Module 6: Clinical Skills
  • Clinical Skills (Scheduled Practicum)
CNA Wrap Up
  • Resume
  • Written & Clinical Practice Exams
  • Home Health Aide Exam (Given by Employer)
  • Certified Nursing Assistant State Exam

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