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Proficiency in QuickBooks is one of the most sought after skills in the job market today. Over 94% of offices use QuickBooks software to run their businesses, and many employers are requiring job applicants who are trained and proficient using the program.

Imagine positioning yourself as a credible job candidate to employers with a Certified QuickBooks User certification on your resume. This highly sought credential alone would move you to the top of the Interview pile!

Whether you are completely new to QuickBooks or just want to advance your skills and expertise in the area of accounting, bookkeeping, or taxes, our QuickBooks onsite classes and online courses will take you to the next level!

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Course Information


  • Accounting Fundamentals: Module 01
  • QuickBooks: Module 01
  • QuickBooks: Module 02
  • QuickBooks: Module 03
  • Certification: QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU)


QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU)

You can obtain a free trial version of QuickBooks by clicking the link below:

Once you complete the online course, your next step is to prepare for the certification exam. The key to your success is practice, practice, practice! GMetrix Practice Tests, available through Certiport, are designed to ensure you are confidently prepared to pass the exam. Practice Tests are purchased directly through the Certiport site. This is the same site you will visit later to pay for the certification exam itself.

GMetrix practice tests for QuickBooks certification are a close replication of the actual exam. Your license will offer two test modes. In the Testing Mode, you will experience exactly what the actual timed certification exam will be like, whereas the Training Mode allows you to work at your own pace and includes step by step instructions as well as assistance with the questions.

Once you have purchased your GMetrix Practice Test license, you will be allowed to take the tests up to 30 times within one year from the date of activation. The practice test will be taken online and can be accessed on any computer with internet access.

To purchase a GMetrix Practice Test, click the link below:

Certiport QuickBooks Practice Test

Once you feel you have practiced enough and are proficient with the software, you will be ready to earn the QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU) certification at one of our labs or another Certiport testing center. You can find the testing center nearest you and purchase an exam voucher on the Certiport website. Exam fees are paid directly to Certiport. Click the link below to purchase the exam.


Accounting Fundamentals – Module 01
  • Lesson 01: Accounting Overview
  • Lesson 02: Business Entities
  • Lesson 03: Assets & Liabilities
  • Lesson 04: Accounting Equation
  • Lesson 05: Chart of Accounts & Reports
QuickBooks – Module 01
  • Lesson 01: QuickBooks Overview
  • Lesson 02: Getting Started
  • Lesson 03: Customers
  • Lesson 04: Vendors
  • Lesson 05: Employees
QuickBooks – Module 02
  • Lesson 01: Entering Company Data
  • Lesson 02: Chart of Accounts
  • Lesson 03: Sales Receipts
  • Lesson 04: Invoices
  • Lesson 05: Customer Payments
  • Lesson 06: Bank Deposits
QuickBooks – Module 03
  • Lesson 01: QuickBooks Reports
  • Lesson 02: Common Reports
  • Lesson 03: Bank Reconciliation
  • Lesson 04: Inventory
  • Lesson 05: Configuring Payroll
  • Lesson 06: Certification Preparation

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