Fundamentals of Writing


Specific learning objectives include: how to write clearly, concisely, completely, and correctly; how to make sure words agree; how to recognize and use active voice; how to write proper sentences; how to use practical and inclusive language; how to use different punctuation marks; and, how to revise and proofread.

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Good writing is an essential skill in todays world. From writing business letters, memos, and proposals to sending texts or emails and creating social media posts, the ability to convey a message clearly and succinctly is crucial.
Effective writers are able to present a message in a way that is easily understood, and this is important in nearly every profession. In fact, good writing helps people to have more success in their careers.
Conversely, poor writing can create a bad impression and cause others to doubt your credibility. It can also indicate laziness, incompetence, and negligence., and lead to misunderstandings that waste precious time and money.
This one-day workshop will give you the tools you need to become a better writer.

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